More about services


We assist Fintechs

  • Compliance
  • IT and security
  • Card issuing
  • Card acquering
  • Payment accounts
  • Bank accounts / multi iban solutions / swift solution


We can assist individuals, companies, regulated firms to get banking or EMI partners,
Crypto investors to build their network of banks, EMIs to withdraw funds from crypto incomes,
Regulated firms to settle client funds, crypto operations, high risk operations, access to swift network, multi IBAN isuing

  • EMI accounts, low/high risk/crypto. Personal / business
  • EMI accounts for PSP
  • Banks for EMIs
  • Banks Multi IBANs services


We can assist Ecommerce merchants, High Risk businesses to find the best acquiring partners using our 15 years of acquiring experience

  • High Risk, Adult/Dating/Crypto/Gaming/Gambling ,
    ecommerce low risk  MIDs
  • Settlements in FIAT/Crypto
  • Direct relation with regulated acquirers


We can assist Ecommerce businesses, regulated and pre regulated firms

  • IT organization, strategy for PSD2 compliance consulting
  • Optimization of payments solutions, payment tunneling and conversion


We can businesses licensing processes

  • Regulatory framework
  • Country by country license approach
  • Crypto licences, MICA compliance